Why I choose Athletic Therapy

Sports have always played a big role in my life. I started competitive soccer when I was 13 years old with highlights of playing for Team Alberta, Red Deer College, University of Calgary and Alberta Major League. Beyond soccer, I competed in volleyball, badminton, rugby and track. I loved sports! Still do! Sports was a means of maintaining mental and physical wellbeing that has carried through to adulthood. I enjoy motivating family and friends to be healthy by being active. My belief is… If you enjoy fitness, then you will stick with it!


Unfortunately, sport often comes with injury or aches and pains. I had many minor injuries that put me on the sidelines. As a teenager I did not know enough about injury management or who to see to get back to sport, in a fast and safe manner. Several times I got caught in this cycle:

Injury→ Rehab→ Return to Sport→ Re-injury.

In High School I had a great experience with a local Athletic Therapist. She addressed all aspects of rehabilitation and empowered me to overcome my injury and to return to sport stronger than I was prior to the injury. I started to think how great it would be to help others avoid this trap and spend more time playing then rehabilitating.


Athletic Therapy has everything I was interested in:

  • Education on biology, anatomy, physiology and mechanics of the human body.

  •  See an injury from the moment it happens all the way through to return to sport.

  • There are opportunities to work in multiple roles; as a first responder for athletic events or treating clinically.

  • Emphasis is on exercise prescription and utilization.

  • Most importantly, I would get to take an active role in helping people minimize their time away from sport or activity!


As an Athletic Therapist today I strive to put my patients at the focus of my practice, just as I experienced when I was young. I give my patients one-on-one time, listen thoroughly to their history, get to the root of the injury and provide a thorough assessment to set-up a clear path to recovery. Education is provided on the anatomy and tissue healing process so that patients become an expert on their own injury. Through treatment and exercise, I strive to get my patients beyond the healing of the injury, to a full confident return to their sports and/or activities!

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