Travis Martell, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Meet Travis! His story starts in Edmonton, as he is an Alberta native by birth. He moved to Kelowna, British Columbia at a young age where he played hockey for the local teams from the moment he could skate. Growing up, he continually heard the same thing from coaches “you need to improve your foot speed and strength”.

At 17, while playing Junior B hockey, he had hoped to climb the ranks the following season.

Without putting in the off-ice effort needed, he returned to play another year of Junior B. He watched others succeed and surpass him as a result of their improvements from, likely, proper training. This is the beginning of Travis’s personal motivated training career and what soon drove his interest in the Exercise Science world.

After Juniors, he was fortunate enough to play at the NCAA level where he earned a degree in Exercise Science. Training became not only a passion but a fundamental way of life. Over the past 10+ years, he has worked with a variety of clients who are looking to become more athletic. Whether that’s a young athlete trying to prevent injury, reconditioning back from injury or to make it to the next level or an adult trying to live a healthier lifestyle, he is passionate about one person’s goals. In 2008 I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Today, Travis’ goal is to combine his overall journey and experience with his educational knowledge to help those ready to reach their full potential.

What do you do for leisure? 

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my son and my wife. It doesn’t really matter what we do, as long as we’re together.

Most memorable moment in your profession?

Watching my athletes achieve success, whether that is making their PeeWee team or getting selected in the NHL draft.

Biggest mentor or motivator? 

While my father isn’t big into fitness he is by far the biggest motivator in my life. When I was three years of age, my father had 4 discs fused in his thoracic spine which should have prevented him from doing a lot of things. But as far as I can remember, my father never let anything stop or slow him down. Even though we weren’t able to do normal father-son activities like throwing a ball around I never felt like I was missing out. He always made sure I had every opportunity to be an active kid. But the real reason my father is the biggest motivator in my life is that he continually taught me to never let anything inhibit you from doing the things you want to do and to never let anything prevent you from achieving your goals. He would constantly say to me as a kid, “it’s mind over matter, if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter”. Everything is mental and the mind is an extremely powerful tool. It’ll either allow us to achieve something or it’ll prevent us. It’s always up to us and that is something my father taught me, maybe even without his knowledge.

If you could be invisible, whose conversations would you like to overhear?

The conversation between The President (whoever is in power) and whoever runs Area 51. I’d really like to know what the heck is going on there.

If you had a superpower but could only use it once a month, what would it be?

I think it’d be pretty cool to be able to fly. Even though you’d only be able to do it once a month, it’d be a great way to decompress and clear your mind. You’d also get to see some pretty interesting things from that point of view.

Favourite holiday? 

Christmas Eve.

If you could go back in time which year would you choose to go back to and why? 

1997, I’d go back and tell the scrawny version of myself to start training!

How do you like your coffee? or caffeine? 

Straight black.

Tell us something no one would know about you?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies (the good and the bad).